About the project

Drava Region Unified Planning Toolkit - DUPLO

IPA DUPLO project was a funded under the third call for applications of Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme (HUHR 1101/2.1.4./0014).

The vision of DUPLO project is to turn the Hungarian-Croatian cross-border region into a successful functional region based on joint co-operation activities and led by the principles of sustainable local development. The project was initiated with the aim to serve as a common planning framework for the cross-border region, enhancing the co-operation between administrative entities, local action groups and individual actors, with the special emphasis to the involvement of local stakeholders from both sides of the border in regional development planning and promotion of small scale stakeholders of the local economies. 

The platform www.dravaportal.eu is also a result of the project. It displays the local products and tourism related facilities of the region via an interactive surface, and serves as a planning tool for decision making actors at the same time.

The project started on 1st April 2013 and after 16 months of duration closed on 31st July 2014. The project partners involved were Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Institute for Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (lead partner); Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja Ltd; Development Agency Municipality of Čakovec; and the South-Transdanubian Water Management Directorate. The Trans-Danubian Regional Development Agency, Municipality of Baranya County and the Croatian Water Directorate supported the project as associate partners.

Four Local Action Groups (LAG) were involved in the project as pilot areas. During the project, there has been an intensive cooperation with them, sharing views about possibilities for rural development in the region. These LAGs were, on the Hungarian side: Rinya-Dráva Szövetség and Mecsek-Völgység-Hegyhát Egyesület, on the Croatian side: LAG Baranja and LAG Sredisnje Medimurje.

The main documents of the project are available here:

Drava Region Unified Planning Toolkit

DOPLO Handbook